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2019 Summer Show

Balboa Park, Casa del Prado
June 1st - 2nd
Aloe haworthiopsis- Terry and Collette P

Best Aloe - Terry and Collette Parr

Aloe haworthioides

Agave albopilosa-Kelly Griffin.png

Best Agave– Kelly Griffin
Agave albopilosa

Cochemiea setispina- Brian Shepherd.png

Best Baja Plant - Brian Shepherd

Cochemiea setispinus

Bursera simplicifolia-Al Kline.png

Best Bursera - Al Klein
Bursera simplicifolia

Astrophytum niveum-nudum-Don Hunt.png

Best Cactus - Don Hunt
Astrophytum niveum nudum

Echeveria agavoides _Ebony_- Gnosis Nurs

Best Echeveria - Dean Karros
Echeveria agavoides

epiphytic - Parrs.png

Best Epiphytic Cactus - 

Terry and Collette Parr
Rhipsalis houlletiana

Euphorbia millotii- Peter Walkowiak.png
Parodia scopa ssp. succineus-Jennifer Ha

Best Euphorbia - Peter Walkowiak Euphorbia millotii

Best Intermediate Cactus– Jennifer Harris Parodia scopa

Crested Aeonium- Sandy Wetzel-Smith.png

Best Intermediate Succulent– Sandy Wetzel-Smith

Aeonium Crest

Mammilaria morganiana- Terry and Collett

Best Mammillaria - 

Terry and Collette Parr

Mammillaria morganiana

Lithops sp.-Tina Zucker.png

Best Mesembryanthemum - 

Tina Zucker

Lithops sp.

Pelecyphora aselliformis- Miles to

Best Mexican Plant

Miles Anderson

Pelecyphora aselliformis

Turbinicarpus flaviflorus- Candy and Ger

Best Miniature

Candy and Jerry Garner Turbinicarpus flaviflorus

Ferocactus acanthodes- Christine Vargas.

Best Novice Cactus

Christine Vargas

Ferocactus acanthodes

Tephrocactus geometricus-Don Hunt.png
Dish Garden-Kate Boris.png

Best Novice Succulent

Kate Boris

Dish Garden

Best Opuntieae

Don Hunt

Tephrocactus geometricus

Pseudobombax ellipticum-Bill Shagena.png

Best Pachycaul/ Caudiciform

Bill Shagena

Pseudobombax ellipticum

Pelargonium cotyledonis- Tina Zucker.png

Best Pelargonium/ Sarcocaulon

Tina Zucker

Pelargonium cotyledonis

Turbinicarpus valezianus Crested- Miles

Rarest Plant in the Show

Miles Anderson

Turbinicarpus valdezianus, Crest

Ferocactus viridescens-Sherman

Best San Diego Succulent - Sherman Blench

Ferocactus viridescens

Sanseveria fischeri- Candy and Jerry Gar

Best Sansevieria

Candy and Jerry Garner Sansevieria fischeri

Astrophytum asterias-Brian Shepherd.png

Best Seed-Grown Plant

Brian Shepherd

Astrophytum asterias

Alluadia comosa-Terry and Collette Parr2

Best Succulent

Terry and Collette Parr

Alluaudia comosa

Bursera fagaroides- Mike Nelson.png

Best Succulent Bonsai–

Mike Nelson

Bursera fagaroides

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