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Annual Holiday Party

Food and Drink: 

A delicious lunch will be served around noon.  There will something for everyone!  Herb Stern, “The Wine Guy” will set up the bar.  In the spirit of sharing, we will also have the traditional “Potluck Dessert Table.”  If you have a special dessert you would like to share, please do!  This is optional but always a much-appreciated finish to our meal. 


Gift Exchange:

Another fun way of sharing is to participate in the Gift Exchange.  If you and/or your guests would like to participate, bring a nice plant or plant related item (one per person please), and place it on the Gift Exchange Table.  Make sure your name is on your plant!  A committee will have the tough job of selecting the “Best Plant”, which will then be set aside for auction.  Whoever brought the Best Plant will have the first choice of the remaining plants, and the owner of that plant selects a plant, and so on until all of the Gift Exchange items are distributed.  As you can imagine, the nicer the plant YOU bring, the sooner you get to choose.


Gift Plant: 

The Society will continue the tradition of giving each member who attends this event, a gift plant. They will be distributed by lottery, during desserts. When you arrive, be sure to check in at the door to receive your ticket for the drawing. Then take some time to look over the beautiful selection of plants so you will be able to grab your favorite when your number is called. (this is a benefit of membership - no gift plants for guests).



Come prepared to bid on “show quality” plants at the annual Holiday Party Auction!!  Up for bid will be bare root plants donated again this year by Western Cactus Growers, along with beautiful specimens donated by our own members.  If you have 1-2 “show quality” plants you would like to donate to the auction, please contact Peter or Kelly and let them know.


Too much fun to miss!  We hope to see you at the party.  The price is $20 for members / $25 for guests. Please click here to RSVP and make your payment. 

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