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July Speaker: Freaky Flowers - Echinopsis Flowers in Bloom

Cactus enthusiast Greg Krehel is our Program speaker this month. In this talk, Greg will show us many of his time lapses capturing the stunning beauty of Echinopsis flowers. We’ll see the flowers of over 25 different Echinopsis hybrids bloom. Many of the time lapses include the entire life of the flowers from blooming until wilting and/or capture surprising aspects of the blooming/wilting process.

Greg also will talk about the background of some of the most important Echinopsis hybridizers from our area and provide a short explanation of the time lapse creation process itself. Greg’s work has been featured by National Geographic, the New York Times, the Huntington Library and Gardens, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and others.

After retiring from his small software company, Greg became a cactus addict. The beauty of the cactus flowers themselves spawned his interest in photography. He visits us from his home and “cactus ranch” in, of all places, Jacksonville, Florida.


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