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October Speaker: Ethiopia 2018

Walker Young has worked at the Ruth Bancroft Botanical Garden since 2012. He has traveled extensively to visit plant habitats in South Africa and Mexico. This past August he spent two weeks in Ethiopia along with traveling companions (and frequent speakers for SDCSS) RBG curator Brian Kemble and Tom Cole. Rounding out the group was John Miller the well known Aloe enthusiast and the man behind the Institute for Aloe studies. They traversed some tremendously variable geography covering almost 5000 kilometers ranging from thorny forest to desert to rainforest, cloud forest, savannah and alpine plateau. They were fortunate to find a round about 30 species of Aloes ( of course rarely seen and unusual ones! ) many of these in flower. They also encountered numerous Stapeliads, Euphorbias and unusual caudiciforms along the way.

Join us for this informative and fresh 2018 current look at a seldom seen place.........Ethiopia

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