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August Pre-Meeting Workshop: How to Make a Hanging Pot out of Any Pot

There’s lots of reasons to use a hanging pot. Many of us have most of our shelves full. One does not quit buying plants simply because there is no place to put them, after all. Sometimes, you can find a shadier or sunnier place that someone will just love. My main attraction is that they are harder for the mealie bugs to get to. This is a very big deal with some plants, especially stapeliads, in my experience.

I make some very nice hanging pots (if I do say so, myself), so I’ve developed some pretty good ways to hang not just the ones I make, but some not so typical hanging pots, like bonsai pots. I’ll bring my tools, tricks, supplies and a couple of pots. If you bring a pot, I’ll try to hang it for you, time and materials permitting. Don will present this workshop at 11:00 am, in the kitchen, room, 101, prior to the General Meeting on August 12th


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