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Beginning Succulent Plant Staging

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Hello all. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler your winter growing plants are probably starting to wake up from their summer sleep. Now is the time to start thinking about showing your winter growers in the February show. With that in mind, the October pre-meeting workshop will focus on beginning succulent plant staging.

After a brief history of succulent staging, we will delve into the mechanics of staging your succulents. We will discuss plant selection and pot selection as it relates to the selected plant. We will cover the plant's position in the pot to enhance the plants visual appeal. We will go over decorative rocks, wood, and top dressing to add counter points and visual continuity to the planting.

In the final section of the class we will address the inevitable compromises that occur when staging meets the real world on your potting bench. I will bring a few staged examples for viewing but this will mostly be a Flipchart discussion for clarity. After the class, the hope is that you will be inspired to go home and stage a few plants for the winter show. You would be welcomed to bring them to the November meeting to check your progress.

Workshop begins at 11:00 am

Hope to see you in October. ~ Jerry Garner

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