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Staging: The Art of Succulent Plant Presentation

The art of staging succulent plants is like the framing of an expensive or prized picture or painting. The frame is the pot, the matting is the top dressing, rocks and other accent pieces, and the plant is the painting. There are many aspects to consider when staging a plant; among these is the plant color, form, growth habit, shape, and texture. These all determine what pot size, shape and top dressing is best. Color and texture are important in all aspects of a successful framing of your plant. Often the goal is to make it look like it is still in habitat - a little bit of nature in a pot.

In this workshop I will discuss the process of choosing the pot, top dressing and rocks. Included in this discussion will be the reasons for making the choices that were made: Why this color, texture versus another; why one works while another does not.

It is best to stage your plant for the show at least 2 weeks before the show but 4 weeks is better. This gives the plant a chance to get settled and established before being subjected to being moved. It also allows the plant and top dressing to be washed when you water it. This is why this workshop is being offered at this time so that you can get your plants ready for the Winter Show.

I will demonstrate the art of staging using of several of my plants and with a discussion of why I chose the pot, top dressing, rocks when used and plant. I would like everyone who wants me to help them stage their plants please bring plant and a pot for it to go in. I will provide soil and some topdressing. If you have rocks or a topdressing you would like to use please bring them. Please do not bring a large plant to stage as I have limited materials on hand and would like to do as many as time and materials permit. No Opuntias for obvious reasons. Workshop will start at 11am.


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