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August Speaker: Treasures of the Sierra Madre, Part 2: San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas and Southern Nue

Brian Kemble has returned again and again to Mexico to investigate its amazingly rich flora of succulent plants. This program covers 3 states in northeastern Mexico, an area where the Sierra Madre Oriental is a dominating geographical feature. In a presentation in April 2016, Brian showed photos of the same mountain range farther south, in the states of Hidalgo, Queretaro and Guanajuato, so this might be considered a northward extension of the area covered in that talk. Plants encountered include Agaves, many different kinds of cacti, Echeverias, Hechtias and Dasylirions.

Aloe meyeri  This species belongs to the Aloe mitriformis group, mostly native to the western part of South Africa and also mostly summer-flowering. While Aloe mitriformis comes from near to Cape Town and is a relatively common species, Aloe meyeri is confined to remote desert mountains in the Richtersveld, in the arid northwestern corner of the country.

In addition to being VP of the San Francisco Succulent & Cactus Society and a board member of the CSSA, Brian is the Curator at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. If you have not visited this Bay Area treasure house of succulents, you might do so next time you are in the San Francisco area. The garden is open to the public every day of the week except Monday. Learn more at the website. If you go to the website and scroll down to the bottom, you will find the Plant Highlight of the month, written by Brian. At the end of the highlight is a place where you can click to open the Plant Highlight archives, featuring photos & write-ups going back to 2003. Brian also periodically posts photos of the garden’s plants on Tumblr.



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