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January Speaker: Soft Succulents

The title of the presentation is 'Soft Succulents' (also the title of the book that the talk/powerpoint will follow). I chose to use this nebulous title to include groups such as aeoniums and echeverias, which was initially what the book was going to be dedicated to, but decided to expand it to cover dudleyas, pachyphytums, sedums, crassulas, kalanchoes, senecios, and a few other genera based more on feel and compatibility than on botanical/Linnean correctness. These are all soft and pretty succulents that just sort of belong in the same discussion.

The book and talk rely heavily on images, and I have a lot of nice ones, taken over the past several years all over the state, andalso introduce some of the sections with habitat shots. But thebook is about plants in cultivation here in California, and I'll talk about growing tips and general care advice. Most cactus club folks, myself included, got interested in succulents through more of the remarkable specimen plants - crests, rare variegates, caudiciforms,cacti/euphorbias, etc ... The soft and pretty material I'm covering here have been sort of ancillary to most of us, but after awhile you just can't take beauty for granted. And with their growing popularity,these are the gateway succulents that are attracting a lot of newfolks to the hobby. I will bring books (all three) and plants for sale as well.

Jeff Moore is the owner of Solana Succulents nursery in Solana Beach


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